Partners get 50% after ccBills 15% processing fee. Most programs that do their own partnership administration tend to shave a lot more then 15% off of your signups every month so that 15% for the 3rd party administration means you know you're getting every dime you earned.

In order for ccBill to send a check you must earn at least $50. Your balance will roll over to the next pay period until you have enough for them to cut a check.

Asian Amateur Cash/KW Media Inc. is not responsible for any lost income due to website down time.

You will continue to receive checks for your reoccurring sign-ups even if your account becomes inactive. You will however lose that reoccurring income if your account is disabled for violations of the TOS.


We have thousands of partners and in the eight years we have been running an affiliate program we have never disabled a single account. That being said here are the things that would make you the first:

Racial slurs. The models run their own sites. So Jap, Chink, Gook, Slant Eye etc. will get you dropped really fast. Using those kinds of terms to sell an Asian site is stupid anyway. It's like trying to sell an Ebony site with the N word- you'll piss off far more people then you'd sign up with a softer sell.

Saying or implying that any of our models are underage. So lolita, pre-teen etc. are out.

Spam. You are not permitted to put your partner link in any mass emailing, opt-in or otherwise. Newsgroups and chatrooms are off limits as well.

You cannot place our banners on, or link to AAC sites from, sites that contain stolen passwords, bestiality, kiddie porn, warez or links and text promoting such.

If you have an idea for promoting one of the AAC sites but you're not sure it's within the TOS or need special content, drop us email. We can almost always find a way to accommodate you.